• Ambarella A7L50
  • OmniVision OV4689
  • Super HD 1296P @30 fps
  • Enhanced Night Vision with HDR
  • 7-element Glass Lens with IR-filter
  • Aperture f/2.0
  • Viewing Angle 150°
  • Speed Limit Alert
  • Front Car Movement Detection
  • Low Light Warning
  • Driver fatigue control
  • Li-ion battery 370 mAh
  • HDMI
  • TF Card support up to 64 GB
  • Power Cable 3.6 m, microUSB Data Cable 15 cm, 360° Rotating Mount
  • 57*65*33 mm
SRP: €109
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RayBerry™ D3 – State-of-the-art Dash Cam

The RayBerry ™ D3 is designed using the best equipment for unbeatable performance, excellent image quality and additional safety features.

The RayBerry D3 uses the best-in-class high-performance 4 megapixel image sensor with high sensitivity in low light, high dynamic range (HDR) and electronic image stabilization (EIS) for high-definition image capture and high frame rate video.

High-quality optics with an infrared filter ensure accurate image color transmission and high sharpness.

An unprecedented set of useful features makes the RayBerry D3 our best seller and the best car camera for the user, and most importantly, it’s your reliable and powerful driving assistant.

Wide Viewing Angle
High Dynamic Range
Motion Detection
Parking Mode
Ambarella A7 Super HD 1296p

Expert solution for your safe driving

  • Ambarella A7 + OV4689
  • Super HD 1296p @ 30 | Full HD 1080p @ 45

High Quality Aperture Optics

  • 7-element glass lens with high light transmission
  • Resistant to high temperatures up to 85° Celsius
  • No deformation, no atomization, no vague

Super HD 1296p

  • High resolution video provides a snapshot of all the important details, allowing you to easily view license plates, faces, and everything that will allow you to understand the most difficult situation on the road.


  • Automatic recording after an emergency collision or impact on the body of the car. The video file will be protected from overwriting in a separate folder on the memory card. Customizable levels of sensitivity will allow you to adapt the operation of the G-sensor to the features of using the camera.

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

  • The new generation HDR uses neural-like adaptation technologies, which allows our cameras to capture any scene of the surrounding world. This is critically important when shooting road video, characterized by a wide range and rapid change in the lighting of dynamic scenes.

Parking mode

  • Leave the camera in the car in parking mode when you need to leave it unattended for a while. In your absence, triggering the G-sensor will “wake” the camera and it will record and save from overwriting the events occurring in its field of vision.

Motion Detection

  • Turn on the Motion Detection function in your camera, if you want to record only significant events occurring in front of your car – it will save space on the memory card, it will record as much potentially important information and reduce power consumption.

Key Parts     

  • Chipset Ambarella A7
  • Sensor OV4689
  • Screen 2.0″ | 960*240
  • Lens Type 7G
  • Field of View  150°
  • Lens Aperture 2.0

Other Parts:   

  • G-sensor         YES
  • WIFI/Mobile APP        NO
  • USB     YES
  • HDMI   YES
  • Microphone     YES
  • Speaker           YES
  • ADAS Features            LAWS, FCWS
  • Micro SD Card Support           64G, Class 6 or above
  • Cradle Revolving Angle           360° via mount
  • Battery Capacity         320mAh
  • Battery Type   Explosion Proof Polymer 3C Battery




Video/Image Specification

  • Recording Resolution Super HD 1296p@30FPS
  • Video Format  H.264
  • Frame Ratio    16:9
  • Image Format JPEG
  • Image Resolution       16M

Working Environment

  • Working Temperature            -10 degree~60 degree
  • Working Humidity       10%~80%
  • Working Hours            30mins continuous record
  • Battery Temperature  Resistant to high temperature 85 degree
  • Lens Temperature      Resistant to high temperature 85 degree, non-atomized

Package Spec.

  • Color    Iron Gray
  • Dimensions     57*65*33mm
  • Net Device Weight     68g
  • Weight including accessories 400g
  • Package           20 pcs/Carton
  • Carton Dimension       41.8*31.5*27cm
  • EAN Code        6941428140258
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