About company

In RayBerry we strive to create the highest quality dash cams for you, focusing on high performance, safety driving and user experience.

RayBerry is a new innovative brand on the dash cam market, but we have a long and unique history of the industry leader.

During 13 years of creating high quality Video Imaging Products for A-brands/OEM partners, we have accumulated a wealth of experience, particularly in terms of performance, stability, environmental adaptability, product safety, cost-effective manufacturing, engineering and testing, quality control standard (we comply with ISO 9001:2008).

We have got an unprecedented level of support from our strategic partners Ambarella and OmniVision, who provide us with the aerospace grade high-end automotive video processing chipsets and SLR grade CMOS sensors. It help us to be the first on the market with high-end solutions, like 4K cameras, Wi-Fi-enabled cameras, multi-channel and 360 degrees cameras, backview mirrors and others. Stay with us to see the next great products coming!

We have established a strategic R&D system with pre-research of new technologies and intelligent algorithms, which is accumulates resources for achieving innovative leadership. Every part of the product creation process is performed in-house: from product planning, product structural and graphic design, product hardware design, software product design and development to product testing and validation, materials testing and verification.

100 grade clean room CE, RoHS compliant production Image quality lab Surface-mount technology machines

RayBerry is very much ready to take advantage quickly developing dash cam market with a highly competitive range and an exceedingly experienced international Marketing and Sales teams.

Enjoy our products!